Need help for IBM certification :: i5 iSeries RPG ILE Programmer

Hi All,

I am planning to take i5 iSeries RPG ILE Programmer (IBM Test - 268) exam since last few days. But I am not sure whether it will help me into my career and what type of question I need to prepare for, as there is no assesment test from IBM.

Can any one please guide me that is it  worth taking from career point of view ? And if yes then how do we go about it ?

Thanks in advance
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Sample questions to see what it looks like -

Take a look at this link to see how to register for the test -

I have taken several of the system admin tests and although I haven't changed jobs frequently, if I were a manager hiring someone, that would definitely would stand out on a resume in my eyes. Personally, I would be more interested probably more in the experience of the person than what a certification says they can do. Anyone could cram and study for a test but I would probably be more interested in this person actually applying their knowledge in the real world and what types of things they have done with these skills.

On the other side of the argument, I have done quite a bit of consulting in the world of web programming - and am certified in ASP, HTML and CSS. That has definitely helped me land a few side jobs because of it.

Again this is only my thoughts.
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