Creating a html and plain text email

My old version of outlook, I think it was outlook express, use to allow me to edit both the html and plain text version of an email by switching between tabs at the bottom of the email. My current outlook, which is outlook 2000, doesn't seem to allow this. Is there ayway to turn this feature on or failing that what is the best way to make a mulitpart message. I could do it using asp but that seems a bit excessive when the old way was much easier.
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You can't do this.
A mail message must be either plain text OR html. IT CANNOT BE BOTH !!

If you are composing in one, and want to chnage to the other, use the FORMAT command at the top of the mail message.
AbeSpainAuthor Commented:
This isn't true. You can send a message with two mime types. If you set your client to read only plain text then it ignores the html content and vice versa.

This question can be closed, I used asp in the end.
All html messages have the "plain text" data added by default.

Unless you have a third-party utility like dreamweaver, front page, or in your case asp, you cannot edit both sides.  You were asking about Outlook 2000 where this CANNOT be done.
AbeSpainAuthor Commented:
Is there ayway to turn this feature on or failing that what is the best way to make a mulitpart message.

My question was not to split hairs but for a solution.
Not within Outlook.

And if you compose in html, switch to plain text and then back to html, you WILL lose all of the html formatting that was pre-existing.

Even if you are using Word as your email editior, I don't think this functionality can be done in Word.

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