Domain Trusts and Virtual Domains

Hi there,

We have a single Windows 2003 Domain Controller and another Virtual network (with a 2003 Domain Controller) with a different IP range running on MS Virtual Server.  Our developers are unable to debug the virtual network remotely as I think our virtual domain does not "trust" user accounts from the production network.  

My developers inform me that this is why they cannot debug remotely from the production network to the virtual network.  Does anyone know how to setup a trust relationship for 2 domains that are completely separate apart from 1 static route between them?

Any help appreciated.

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Hi ddh76,

if there are no trusts there certainly will be a lot of fun trying to manager it!

You should only need a one-way trust where the virtual DC trusts production.  Simply create one.

Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:

 are theses two domain controllers in the same domain or are they different domains / different forests.
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