Forwarding mail from Lotus Domino

I wasn`t sure whether I should post this in the Exchange or the Lotus Domino category, but I fell on Exchange.

Here is the situation:

2 servers, server A in domain A and server B in domain B.

Server A has Lotus Domino rel 6.5.
Server B has Microsoft Exchange w/SP2.

The Exchange organization is newly created and contains users in domain B.
The users have their mailaccounts on the domino-server, and collects their mail through POP3 into Microsoft Outlook.
Now they`re about to migrate to Exchange, but the domino-server will still collect the inbound mail from the internet.
All the users have a domain-accounts in domain B that they use. Also, mailboxes have been created for each user.

How do I forward their mail from the domino-server to the exchange-server with SMTP?
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jeringAuthor Commented:
I`m not going to use the Notes connector.
The users currently download their mails with POP3-accounts from the domino-server, so nothing is stored there. That means that migrating their Domino-mailboxes is not necessary.
So the only thing I need to do is forward all the incoming mails from the Domino for domain A to the Exchange-server with SMTP.

Specifically, how do I do this?
i think u need a pop3 connector tool which connects a pop account and fetch email to exchange account please take a look on this page to find out a tool


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jeringAuthor Commented:
Are there any free popconnector?

Is the easiest way to accomplish this to create a new account on the domino server and forward the mail for all adresses to this account.
And then use a popconnector that delivers the mail to the respective smtp-adresses/mailboxes on the exchange-server?

I thought it was possible to just forward all the mail from domain A to domain B through SMTP....
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