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Hello experts

I have been asked in my university to solve below problem, but i could not understand it, will u please halp me to solve it or make me understand what is it??

Implement a demonstration model of a task state diagram with the option to stop execution and start new programs with different priorities, change priorities.
Programs should be modelled as sequence of modules (calculating, I/O, WAIT operations, ...).
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You'll find an explanation at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_logic and an example at http://www.tryllian.org/docs/devguide/ch07.html#d0e3765 - that should help you understand what a task state diagram is and get you started. Hard to add up more to an "almost homework" Q ;o)
>>>> but i could not understand it

Would you post the (code) parts you could not understand and/or ask specific questions rather than asking for a link/sample that most likely couldn't be understood as well?

Regards, Alex
racheleeAuthor Commented:
Actually its an homework question which I could not understand at all, what shall i present? how in which programming langauge?

Here is the C++ TA. If you got a sample from somewhere but did not understand, you should post it here and spot the lines where you need help with. If it isn't  C++  you should try to convert as far as you could or ask how to convert specific lines if you got stuck. In any case we need some efforts from you before we could give help. And it is *NOT* enough to post the link to another EE question, especially if you are not the questioner.

Regards, Alex
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