Forms Authentication - Allow Images on Login Page

I just added Forms Authentication to my project, and everything works as planed, *except* now my login page doesn't display correctly, I'm guessing this is because the user doesn't have persmission to "see" my CSS and images.

<Web.config snipit>
   <forms loginUrl......... protection="All">  '// I guess this needs to be changed somehow??
</Web.config snipit>

Any ideas?

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what happens if you typein the url of a graphic whilst not logged in?  Are your graphics simple files within the project?

iwhich asp version is this?

Protection="all" refers to your authentication cookie and it's encryption/validatiion.


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flavoAuthor Commented:
It works like a treat, just doen't seem to work when I'm not authenticated.

ASP .Net, Framework Verison 1.1.lots of numbers :P

flavoAuthor Commented:
Agghhhh.. I think I found it

I was using Webmatrix and it's crappy version of "IIS" (Webmatrix Server), but running it properally (ie using IIS / localhost) it seems to work as I would have hoped.

I'll have words to the original developer, why on earth he used this damn thing I'll never know.


flavoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info on what Protection="All" actually does.

points for that.

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