Friendly Sendmail interface

I am looking for a friendly interface for Sendmail, so that our windows admins can have a gui for email administration.

I have looked at webmin.  

Has anyone found another good interface for Sendmail? or is webmin the only game in town?

Thanks for your help.
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webmin has GUI for almost any config based service. Its free, its written on Perl and its usefull for newbies.
Webmin runs as http service and allows configure most services. It supports Solaris and it has Sendmail configuration as standard module.
"Sendmail Configuration       sendmail.wbm.gz       Manage sendmail aliases, masquerading, address rewriting and other features.       Most operating systems"

go here and enjoy:
The obvious place would be the commercial version of sendmail

They have a full admin GUI and support of sendmail.

or you could use on of the sendmail alternatives.
arthurjbAuthor Commented:
I had thought about, but when I went to their website, there is no pricing information.

In my experiance, when people are afraid to post their prices publically, it means that it is real expensive.  Especially when they reply to an email request with phone calls rather than an email...
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