vitamine tablet for men around 30's

i'm asian, 32, looking for a vitamine tablet.
there are so many kinds... which one should i take?
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAsked:
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I'm taking what Men's Health recommended which is Centrum Silver.  I know it says for 50+ but it is good for anybody to take.  It just includes a few extra things that some others don't provide.
Nevermind the silver one......get the little blue one....I think it's called vegra or something like that.
Steve SiricaSenior Web Application EngineerCommented:
Can't go wrong with a little vitamine C.
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I've taken a natural algae called Spirulina and it is wonderful. You can get this in powdered or tablet form.
When I take it in powder form I mix it with a little orange juice just for flavor. It's wonderful stuff. :-)
My doctor says you don't need vitamins if you eat properly, but I don't so I take a ordinary one a day plus iron.  I have the delusion it helps me avert colds I would otherwise get.
Get a healthy and balanced diet, you won't need to take extra vitamins.
Take this:
drink lots of loose leaf organic green tea
don't smoke
eat organic foods
get 8 hours rest a night
drink plenty of water
be happy :)
The vitamine tablet to take is Centrum Complete. It is the best combination of multimineral and multivitamin pill avalible.
I was always getting sick with minor colds, a stuffy nose. I started taking Centrum Complete about December 05, within about the first 2 months I noticed a considerable improvement to my health. (note: I made no change to my regular work out routine, I just started taking a multivitamin). I haven't been sick in anyway since start a Centrum regimen.
Wooky JackCommented:
Water soluble are your best bet no matter what you go with.  They are guarenteed to disolve and not cause any problems later in life.

I'm taking a women's health class for my AA and the teacher said water soluble are the best because people who take ones that are not water soluble later might have infections with undigested/dissolved vitamins that have accumulated in the stomach and later require surgery to remove it.
Hi hiroyuki718,

My wife runs a healthfood shop and she says:

Choose the cheapest you can find but it is better to get everything from fresh food and a healthy balanced diet.

I'd strongly suggest taking a multi-vitamin.  Many regular vitimins are much more effective in combinations with other vitamins.  Conversly, some vitimin combinations nullfy the effects of each other.

For example:
   Vitimin D aids in the absorbtion of Calcium.

   Iron inhibits the absorbtion of Calcium.
A tablespoon of cod liver oil every day will keep you nice and regular, and give you a nice glossy coat

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Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank you, all:)
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank youk, all:)
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