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We need a solution where we can invite someone to view our desktop without controlling it.

I don't think Remote Assistance will work because:
1.  We can't use MSN Chat.
2.  Not all systems are guaranteed to be Windows XP.

We can't use  I have no idea why, but our internal network security even blocks that site.

All the sites I've visited focus on Remote Control not viewing.  I need a good viewing solution that doesn't allow control and works through our various firewalls.

I've Googled but not come up with any definitive solutions yet, so I'm hoping to leverage your experiences in this area.  I need a solution sooner than I thought.

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With VNC, you can setup the connection options of the server to disable remote mouse and keyboard so that the connected client is in view only mode. I'm using their free version and it works fine.

You can have a look here: 
Daniel Van Der WerkenIndependent ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Does RealVNC deal well in the corporate environment per firewalls, etc?
Thanks for the reply.
If you have a firewall and want people to connect from the outside to your machines, you have a couple of options. You can use some sort of VPN client for the remote users, or you could create a DMZ and host your machines there. I think the VPN solution is a more logical choice, for mutiple machines and users. However if you just have one machine you want people to able to look at remotely, I would use the DMZ option. Just setup a RealVNCServer with the JavaWebApplet turned on. Then all you have to do is give them a web address and they can see this machine.
Well I haven't use it that way since I don't have to get outside our network. But my guess is that it should be pretty easy to set up on the firewall end by allowing vnc ports to be used. You may configure vnc to use any ports you want instead of the default ones. You would have to test it to make sure it works well with a firewall.
Daniel Van Der WerkenIndependent ConsultantAuthor Commented:
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