HP 8000 printing errors from acrobat PDF

I have a recurring problem with my 2 HP 8000 printers.  Some PDF documents won't print correctly.  At first, we were getting "offending command" errors at the top left of a single sheet of paper with nothing else on it.  The commands weren't always the same.  Most were Unknown.  I updated the two printers on my server to both use the new PCL6 driver.  Those errors stopped.  Now, when we try to print scanned PDF's (and only PDF's sent to us as containing a scanned form) it will print portions of the document and have jibberish at the top, in the middle, or at the end.  I reverted one user back to the PS driver and she was able to print one document.  The next one gave her the offending command error again.  One we printed today had some readable content:

@PJL SET JOBATTR="JobAcct5=0a4cb918-7705-44be-8f3d-8fe40580f6e7"

Then there were 5 pages of mostly non-ascii characters (check marks, 4-leaf clovers, boxes, circles, smiley faces, negatives of smiley faces, double tildas, diamonds, little houses, spades, less than equal to, greater than equal to, and more).  

Any idea what could be causing these problems.  I've also tried the PCL5e driver with the same results as the PS driver.  


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iw ould suggest an online chat with a tech :

traigoAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, HP doesn't support that model.
i do not understand this - it is an HP, and they do not support it?
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traigoAuthor Commented:
Right, they stop supporting models after they've been on the market for a few years.
i never experienced that - did you try the online chat?
traigoAuthor Commented:
Yes, they said that model is no longer supported
Your HP 8000 uses PCL6 language. or you can use a 5e driver for compatibility. It also uses Postscript level '2' emulation. PDF files are 'raw' post script files. Check your version of Adobe. If the sender uses one version and you use a different version, it may not be compatable.

In the print 'driver' properties (right click mouse on your driver) scroll down to the properties section. Open the 'advanced' tab. At the bottom, open the 'print processor'. It should be on 'raw'.

When ever your get 'dingbats' (funny looking language instead of your document) the print 'driver' is not converting "computer language" to "printer language". I suspect different versions of Adobe reader as the problem.  There are other issues with PDF files and you might want to read some of the other comments posted, to address these problems, located on this site.

How much memory do you have installed in your printers? Look at your configuration page to find this. Make sure the 'total' memory agrees with the 'memory' selected on your print 'driver'. HP printers with 'additional' memory installed in the printers need to have the memory increased in the 'driver'. Make sure you don't exceed this on the 'driver'.

good luck
traigoAuthor Commented:
The print processor is set to Raw.  I tried all the different drivers.  I don't get the "dingbats" under the PS driver.  With the PCL 5e or PCL6 driver, I either get the "dingbats" or an error like "Missing Data".  The printer has 16mb of memory.  We have two identical HP 8000 printers and both have the same problem.  It seems to be that pdf's containing scanned images (as in a paper form hand-filled and scanned to PDF), the only driver that works is the PS.  Documents that are mostly text like a Word Doc converted to PDF will print correctly with the PCL's, where they didn't with the PS.  It's also not a sure thing for the documents to mess up.  You can have two seemingly identical documents, one will print and the other won't.  Change the driver, and it works fine.  I have had this issue both with Reader 7 and with Pro 6.

Thanks for the help,

I recently saw information on this site that addresses PDF file issues.  There are 4 or 5 items recommended to correct the problems. Are you creating the files or are they imported to your location, then printed? My gut tells me it's related to compatability of different versions. It's not a printer problem..

good luck
traigoAuthor Commented:
We receive them via email from multiple sources.
OK, you need to collect more information in order to find the reason, why this happens 'intermittantly'. The next time this occurs, find out 'where' the document was oringinated from. Try and find a 'pattern'. The hardest part about being a printer tech, is collecting enough information to come up with a logical conclusion to why this happens. (Changing parts are not the difficult part of this job.) I think you might be able to track this back to the 'source'. You might be able to trace the problem to a particular office. If you do, have them send the same file again. Then have them send a different file to see if it's the 'document' or the 'location'.  If the 2nd file also creates problems, have them check 'their' version of software. Make sure they 'originated' the file. (Maybe it was imported from someone else, before they passed it along to you.)  PDF files are the industry's biggest headache. Good luck..

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