Vcard loses notes and user defined fields when importing contact to other Outlook users

Hi all -

This has been asked before with no apparent resolution:

I am hoping someone has an update on this issue.  Basically in Outlook 2003, I enter information in my notes field and save the contact.  Then I export the contact as a Vcard.  When I send the card to another user, Outlook drops all of the notes information when they import it.  Same goes if I delete the contact and re-import the card myself.  Another strange thing is that if I save the Vcard file locally, I can open it and see the notes information.  But when I import it it disappears.

Help greatly appreciated.
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David LeeCommented:
Hi TechAssist,

You must be using attaching a VCard as part of your signature.  A VCard in a signature drops the Notes field.  A VCard not part of a signature retains the Notes field.  It's a bug in Outlook that I believe Microsoft is aware of.  It's documented here (;en-us;290840) for Outlook 2002.  I couldn't find an article that covers 2003, but I have verified that the behavior in 2003 is consistent with what is said for 2002.  If you want to retain the Notes, then you'll have to insert the .vcf file, not include it as part of a signature.


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i think i've figured out your problem. if you import the vcard into outlook, it does drop all the notes from the original vcard, BUT if you double click on the vcard file and edit the note portion of the vcard (type anything) and click on save and close. it will add that vcard to outlook with the original notes and the stuff you add in. once in outlook, you can open it and delete what you've type and click save and close and it should update it. its a weird way of working around it.
TechAssistAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  Aiaila, even when I imported the vcard into Outlook it dropped the notes.  I concur it works when you save the card, add notes, and save it again, but my issue is I have to send out Vcards to the entire company.

BlueDevilFan that worked, I had to drag and drop into a new Email.  So weird that if I add it as an attachment, the notes drop.  But if I insert into the actual Email, it works.  Very strange.  Thank you both for the help.
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