Windows 2003 DNS folders and records

Does anyone know a good source that will list and hopefully define the records that should be automatically and/or manually created when setting up Windows 2003 DNS server in an Active Directory environment? I'll make it simple, so I can start from there. Let's say it's the first AD server in an environment that doesn't have any internal DNS servers. Nothing to upgrade or migrate. Thanks.
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Thats real easy, just setup your Domain Server by installing widows server, or openLDAP. The thng about active directory servers is they become your DNS server, so you don;t have to worry to much about configuring anything, unless you need to create a BDC, or link to another domain. If your just setting up a brand new domain, just install the AD software and have at it. Connect it into a switch with your other computers and they shouldn't have any problems.
gbaharoffAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I'm aware of what the default configuration of DNS provides. What I want to know is what do all the folders and records mean, so that when something isn't working I can troubleshoot it. For example there is the Forward Lookup Zones with _msdcs, _sites, _tcp, _udp, domaindnszones and forestdsnzones folders. Each of those folders have subfolders with some seeming to have the same name. For example _mcdcs - dc - _sites - default-first-site-name - _tcp and then there's _sites - default-first-site-name - _tcp. What goes in those folders? Why the same at least partial path?
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