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Hello, I saw the demo at and wondered if anyone has used their service?  The Demo looks great, but I want to get an honest review from actual user.  I post this question here because I trust EE members reviews.  Most of you give really objective reviews. Thanks
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I have not used this service but I did find some reviews of actual users.
These reviews are from the actual site so you may need to take them with a grain of salt.
vt96Author Commented:
I agree precisely about taking odesk's testimonials with a grain of salt.   Who would put up a bad testimony of their own web service. :\

A few people recommended and they suck big time.  I got scam out of $50 from a programmer on that site.  My take away lesson, talk to EE members first before trying out these would-be ebayer for programmers.  

If anybody else have direct experience with oDesk, please share it here.  I'm really interested to reading your thoughts.
vt96Author Commented:
thanks venabili, i just accepted the comment since i don't know how to dispose this thread.
Hi there,

I wanted to point you in the direction of someone who has used oDesk.  Check out this blog entry:

vt96, your experience sounds terrible.  The reason oDesk charges by the hour and gives you total visibiliy into what the person you hired is doing is to avoid that kind of situation.

Here is another blog describing oDesk as "Rent a Coder 2.0."  The first generation of this stuff, the Rent a Coders, Elances, and Guru's were not wihtout appeal but had major shortcomings.  oDesk set out to correct those faults.

Hope that helps.
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