SM Bus controller and unknown device

I am seeing this in device manager as a question mark and went to the IBM site and tried to find the drivers to download but I am not sure what driver I would need to look for, as there is no such animal as SM Bus comntroller on the list. I tried to run there software installer as well to load all this automatically but this does not see any packages as well. I also cannot figure out what or how to know what driver is listed with a question marrk refered to as unknown device. How would I know what unknown device this may be?
Dennis MillerAsked:
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Usually, this is taken care of when you install the motherboard chipset drivers.  Once they are properly installed, this error should go away.
Dennis MillerAuthor Commented:
where would I look for these drivers?
At the manufacturer's website (in your case, it sounds like IBM).
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