set up VPN Windows XP - Extremely NB

Hi there

Trying to set up a VPN connection, but when i go to "Add new connections" / "Connect to a network at my worplace" the two options that appear then are greyed out, i.e. i cant select them. They are "Dial up connection" and "Virtual Private connection" I need the VPN option. I have set this VPN up on a number of PC's in the office already and havent seen this problem before

The computer connects to the internet etc perfectly.

Pls help, need this sorted in next 30 min, if possible
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Are you logged in as administrator on that machine?

Also, Routing and Remote Access Connection Manager service should be running, you can verify it in cotrol panell/administrative tools/services mmc.
Log in with an accout that has Administrator Privileges and try again.
Is this machine XP? If so upgrade to at least SP1 , Should resolve the issue
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