Best Client/Server antivirus

We have a small office LAN with a server. Some clients login to the domain and some just use netwrked folder. All running behind a router. What would anyone suggest would be the best Anti-Virus and Email Anti-virus application to use. We currently have Trend Micro SMB Client/Server but it doesn't work. Clients can't update with server, disconnected icon etc etc. And no support from TMicro for the problem.

Any help would be appreciated

Winston SmithDeveloperAsked:
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Norton Corporate Edition 10. This is the newest Upgrade for Norton. Works well with client/server networks. Normally it would be used for big companies but you can also use it to satisfy your needs. The best feature about this product is the Management Console. As well most of you know Norton is highly recommended by "reviews"

Hope this helps
Winston SmithDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Does that also scan email? Our users all run Outlook (various versions)

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Yes this does scan email aswell. We use Norton Corporate Edition 8 where I work and it works great. In about a month we are going to upgrade to Edition 10.

hope this helps

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kevwitData Science Solutions ManagerCommented:
I believe the official name is "Symantec Enterprise Edition 10"?  I would also highly recommend it.  One note with version 10.  Version 10 includes spyware blocking, but this feature only works on Windows XP stations.  What server system and email system do you run?  We have Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 Server, and there are a few small tips I could give as for making your system efficiently run.

If you have a multi-processor exchange server it may configure serveral VSAPI treads (found under Admin tab in Mail Security for Exchange) and that can be adjusted now.  The reason for that is because of hyper-threading that found on most newer servers.

Mail Security for Exchange works with Exchange's Spam SCL rules.  It will complement Exchange functionality nicely.

Only other note would be to exclude the temp folder located under the Mail Security for Exchange's program file from Symantec Antivirus scans due to the fact that that temp folder is used to hold email being scanned for viruses by SMSE.
Winston SmithDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Our clients each just use Outlook, no exchange. Will it still check incoming email? This will run on a machine running windows server 2003?
sorry but nortona has always been about the biggest resource hog around and for taht reason i will never use it.

McAfee Security Suite (anti-virus, firewall, privacy) is the very best one i have ever used and we we deployed it network-wide within hours of initially testing it.

Lowest memory and cpu usage footprint of any suite tested for the performance gains and security, its a no brainer.

go with mcafee
kevwitData Science Solutions ManagerCommented:
Yes to both of those questions.  It will run fine on Server 2003 and also will work fine for just Outlook configured with POP3 accounts or whatever.  

Haven't used McAfee Security Suite, but the personal version is definately junk with all kinds of pop-ups and stuff. The personal version is managed through a web-site... not a big fan of that.  If I had to pick something else besides Symantec it would be Computer Associates products.

We have had Symantec installed for over 5 years without a major virus outbreak.  We have close to 50,000 email viruses caught every 3 months, although I will say that we have serveral websites and email accounts for a small business
such technical terminology, "... is definately junk with all the popups and *stuff*...".

Is that your experienced professional opinion ?

by that could you possibly mean the default install and unconfigured alerts and intrusion detection ?

if so, norton is the same way if unconfigured or improperly configured should you not want to endure "all the popups and *stuff*"..

we have all the alerts turned off but full logging on.

ANY decent anti-virus suite that isnt properly cofigured to see only what you want to and not what you dont (alert config) will show everything, but then you would have to do a bit more than just install it ond forget it ... it needs configured jsut like norton, but with a exponential increase in performance.

as to what they do, their ability to stop intrustion, and thwart threats, they are about the same along those lines, but mcafee is much more streamlined in performance and reource consumption.

McAfee has a free trial ...try both and keep an eye on the performance and memory footprints and see for yourself, then choose what is best for you.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Yes. We are also using "Symantec Enterprise Edition 10". I can recomend it. But you should always responsible to download latest Virus definition. And for a network senario I can recomend you to install a Virus Server to a one server and , install client version to others. And we are normally running sechduled virus scanner for every machine on every friday 12pm.

BR Dushan
i would highly recommend the network antivirus from

it works for servers and workstations, does your emails, auto update, centralized admin tool, everything...

and it works great...
i have run the free edition (yes free and it rocks) for years on all my stuff and haven't had a virus since.

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Well, I would still recommend TrendMicro.  I've used Mcafee, Norton/symantec, and Trend in networked environments, and Trend was consistently reliable to do updates properly and report problems to sysadmin quickly and in easy-to-understand format.  I also had very good tech support from them, and have been sorely disappointed with Norton/Symantec on all these counts.
symantec corporate av is the top choice

i have recently moved away from it though due to it being very fat..
i have switched to NOD32 and it is excellent, fast, very light, easy managment across domain..

check it out
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