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Driver needed for matrox card

Im trying to get a download for windows 98.....but dont know my type of card...

there is a main chip that ssays .: Matrox MGA power graphics, IS-STORE R2

sticker on back says MFG   p/N: MGA-MIL/21
S/N: AAD1905    MSC4720

can someone tell me the card and lead me to a place to download the driver..for windows 98? THanks
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This should help identifying what you have:


And here are the drivers, includiong those for W98:


I suspect the card you have is the Matrox MGA 200.....
Also, you can try loading something like SiSoft SANDRA- it should do a decent job at identifying the card you have (as well as identifying everything ELSE :-)


As an alternative, I have heard good things about EVEREST too:

In both cases, you WILL need the card plugged in and running (and yeah, you won't be at the right resolution due to no drivers- but that should be OK......)
Just a note.

Lavalys (note spelling) has discontinued Everest Home and it is no longer available on their website.  The last version (2.20) is available here:


Really good and useful utility, hate to see it go.
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after identifying the card you have, head over to driverguide.com to find an appropriate driver.
Everest is gone?   Whoops- thanks for the correction(s).      I prefer Sandra anyway :-)

Frogglegs: to log into driverguide.com (see above), use account "drivers" password "all"

There's TONS of Matrox drivers there that match "MGA", so hopefully Sandra tells you more about what you have.  
Everest Home, the free version, was discontinued.  The Corporate and Ultimate editions are still available for purchase.

Driverguide is a great resource, but I prefer to obtain drivers from the manufacturer's web site whenever possible.  Driverguide is most useful for orphaned hardware.
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