populating list box in ASP.NET

i have a variable kind of like this

variable1 = item1;item2;item3;item4;

everytime there is a ";" i want to break the variable and put that item in listbox.

list box should look like this.


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try this:

Dim arr as String()
Dim variable1 as String = "item1;item2;item3;item4"

arr = variable1.Split(";")

MyListBox.DataSource = arr

pratikshahseAuthor Commented:
what should be the mylistbox.datatextfield.

should it be

mylistbox.datatextfield = variable1
I tried pratikshahse's answer and it works.

In one line it is: listBox1.DataSource = textBox1.Text.Split(';');

There is no need to use datatextfield, DataSource  works.
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" I tried pratikshahse's answer and it works."

I copied and pasted the wrong name, sorry Arthur_Wood.
pratikshahseAuthor Commented:
when i copy AW's code and paste it in page load my list box stay empty. nothing shows up
Whoops, my bad, i did that in a windows app (i guess the 2 listboxes are not the same).

Have a wack @ this: (C#)

string str = "item1;item2;item3;item4";
string[] items = str.Split(';');
foreach(string item in items)


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pratikshahseAuthor Commented:
unexplained ways do you have anything in vb. not familiar with c# that much.

thank you
Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Not after any points for this, but here's a slightly shorter version. Not necessarily any better/faster, I just like as few a lines of code as possible :o)

        Dim variable1 As String = "item1;item2;item3;item4"
        For Each s As String In variable1.Split(";")
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