Route Mail on domain in Exchange 2003

Ok, this may not be directly an exchange 2003 question but it's a good place to start.

My scenario is this.. single exchange 2003 server... runs just fine.  Mail routes correctly to internal and external people.  Everyone is able to send and receive.

Now, we've a static VPN through a vpn box setup with another company.  We want to send their mail down this tunnel instead of through our ISA server which all other mail routes through.

We created a DNS entry for the other companies domain.  Added an MX record pointing to their mail server.  Added the mail server A record to point to the correct IP address.  Added the route to the other mail server on our exchange server.

I can't think of anything else to do.  The exchange server should query it's DNS servers for the MX of the other company and receive the one we set in our DNS, then ask how to get there... it will get the route there through it's routing table and send the mail.  The problem is that somewhere this is breaking.  

Mail sent to the other company is stuck in the queue.

Our domain
Other domain

Dns server:

MX record set for to = 123.456.789.123

Ip of vpn appliance 987.654.321.987

Route added to
route add 123.456.789.123 987.654.321.987 mask

Obviously names and numbers and fictional but that's the setup.
I can ping the other mail server and telnet to it but cannot send mail through exchange to it.

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create an smtp connector for that domain with the ip address you telnet to in [123.234.567.89] format...

simon has a link on his website on how to do this.

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Are you using an SMTP Connector anywhere?
Or a smart host?

Try setting up an SMTP Connector for the remote domain, and add the IP address of their server as a smart host. Don't do anything else, as it sounds like your routing is correct if you can telnet to the other site.

simon I am quoting your website more often these days... well done on that from a fellow MVP as of today.
I got my MVP renewed today as well. What did you get your MVP in? Send me a private email if you wish... address in the profile.

AAckleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys... was actually a screwed up mx record... doh.

But I'll be using the smtp connectors for another domain I have to add.  Thanks
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