Setting up Exchange 2003 to POP mailboxes at the ISP

This client has about a dozen workstations currently on a peer-to-peer and I'm building a new SBS 2003 server to bring them into a Windows domain for the first time.

I need a little checklist of what all I need to make sure I do when setting up Exchange 2003 on SBS 2003 to POP the users' mailboxes at the ISP. I generally tell clients that if they're going to use an Exchange server, then they should use the Exchange server as their mail server and stop all the POP-ing. What do you think? Thanks.
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Ditch the POP if you can. Awful thing, prone to problems and only allows collection of email at most every 15 minutes - which will be a step backwards if they are used to doing it every minute with Outlook. Get them on SMTP feed and the email comes in immediately.

I have the process for switching on my web site:

The trick is planning, so that no email is lost.

WineGeekAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot Simon. I tend to agree with your logic.
WineGeekAuthor Commented:
I need a couple of specific points/reasons/problems with which I can argue my position to get rid of using the POP accounts? Thanks.
POP3 is a client to server protocol, not a server to server protocol.
You cannot filter the messages.
You will be pulling the messages down as a client, then sending them to a server.
Issues with BCC, CC and distribution lists
Message delivery delays - the built in to SBS POP3 connector only allows collection every 15 minutes as its shortest time.

No large company pulls their information down from an ISP with POP3. Get above about five users and it is more efficient to use SMTP delivery.


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