Windows 2000 Server MSBackup Version 5.0 with NAS

Is there anyway possible to do a Network Map beyond drive letter Z? I'm backing up
desktops with MSBackup and C$ them, it works perfect but I have a bunch more computers
and have hit the Network Map limit?

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With regards to drive letters yes you are maxed out.  You cannot go beyond Z.

Depending on the number and size of files you are backing up you may want to create a batch file to copy the files you want to have backed up from the workstations to your local server.  Then backup the folder that you save the copied files to.  This way you batch file can use UNC names, ie \\computername\sharename.

Other then that you may want to investigate a different backup solutions.  There are a couple software packages that allow you to backup files on a workstation to a server.
Hi 31it3,

why are you backing up using this process! you should be having users save their data to the server anywayz.......

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