how to format a date to be displayed like mm/dd/yyyy

I have this text field where I am displaying value from a sql database

<td><input type="text" class="textfield" size="30" name= "EVENT_DATE" value=("<%= checkNull((String)selected_event.getEvent_date())%>"),       maxlength="80" readonly onClick="['myform'].EVENT_DATE,'anchor','MM/dd/yyyy'); return false;">

The data is stored as date/time format in the database and shows something like this in the text field
1900-01-01 00:00:00.0

but I need it to displayed like this


Any help will be greatly appreciated

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better is to format in sql query itself. Can you post your query and which db u r using?
i m not available now..may be someone else can help.
Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
check out the link.

i think its done as it was previous a accepted answer for me.
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Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Format formatter;
formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yy");
String s = formatter.format(date);

use the above java code in JSP before assinging it to text box do this formatting & then assign.
Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
and one more thing is the below code expects you to give a date object

String s = formatter.format(date);

so while getting the date from data base result set use getDate() function of the result set and assign to date and then format the date and then assign to the text box.

Thank you.

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royalcyberAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much

It works pretty good
royalcyberAuthor Commented:
I am sorry

when i restarted the browser i gives the following  error

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Cannot format given Object as a Date

Would you know any way I can parse directly in JSP


Siva Prasanna KumarPrincipal Solutions ArchitectCommented:
just put a try & catch block across the above code & check i think you may be getting a SQL Exception.
did you just use simple getDate() function or

 Date getDate(int columnIndex) ;
 Date getDate(int columnIndex, Calendar cal) ;

 Date getDate(String columnName) ;

 Date getDate(String columnName, Calendar cal) ;

which function have you tryed using???
and more on i don't think its a Date object which has been stored in your database it seems to be a timeStamp Object so try doing this and let me know if there is some problem

Date date = rs. getTimestamp(int columnIndex);

just replace the getDate() with the above statement.

Thank you
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