Setting the time to use UTC on dual boot OSs?


How could I prevent time setting problems for dual boot OSs? I am dual booting Windows 2000/Solaris 10...

In order for the time settings (esp. during a DST time change) to be correctly configured for BOTH operating systems, I need to set all of then to UTC time. Because UTC is constant and does not move...So to prevent time settings from conflicting from one OS to another....What steps should I take for both Solaris and Windows to tell time in UTC?

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Well, I know this problem only from linux side.
Unfortunatelly it's impossible for windows to set the bios time to UTC (or I'm too weak in Win).
Therefore only what I could do for linux, was to tell it, that bios keeps local time...
as ravenpl said, M$ does not know what UTC is and always sets the BIOS clock to the local time
Unix/Linux (Solaris) is clever, it even can deal with stupid other systems;-)
simply assume that the BIOS clock is UTC, then set your TZ=GMT in /etc/TIMEZONE, this way you at least have a proper clock, even it tells you being GMT+0 instead of your local timezone.
Sorry, I'm also not certain if M$ learned meanwhile how to use UTC.
Missed the main party - sometimes you do not need UTC or hardware clock - look at, or look for qemu as free and slower alternative.
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