Blackberry service and exchange bridge head servers

This is going to be long and drawn out, please take time to read carefully.
Some information is left out to protect the client/network.

Exchange server "A" Primary (bridge head) (global catalog here, dns etc)
     8 servers at this location
Exchange server "B" Secondary (global catalog here, dns etc)
     3 servers at this location
There is a fully functioning VPN between locations. Ad and DNS are fine as well as email.

Users account sits on Exchange server "B"

1. User from the "domain" sends email to resolves and sends to Exchange server "A", email is then sent via forward connector in active directory (contact created underneath) to (copy only) email is then delivered to users blackberry normaly.
2. User on blackberry replys to email, goes through blackberry servers to exchange server "A" and is deliver to user normaly.
3. Domain User replys to email ( and gets (blocked/denied) as we are blocking internet based email from specific users account in the domain. HOWEVER....Domain User CAN send to other domain users without issues. E.G., and users CAN'T send to say (internet based email)
This is why gets denied as it internet based not domain based.

On the blackberry website you can add an email account which should resolve the issue and make it seem like the email is coming from when sent from the blackberry.
We cant add the account, we presume because the actual exchange email box sits on the bridge head server in another geographical location. If we add an account based on exchange server "A" then it works fine.

There will be nothing done on this untill we sort out the issues. Please take your time and attempt to truly understand the issue before replying.
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Please explain one point further, you say you are trying to add the account, are you trying to add an account in the blackberry web mail, or on the exchange server?
cvsadminAuthor Commented:

Sorry we are trying to add the account on the blackberry website so that it looks like the email is coming from

I will attempt to post a picture today.
If you have so many servers, why would you not host the blackberry server internally, so instead of using Biz actually use BEZ. It's very easy to setup and fully integrates with AD. Email is also pushed a lot faster. The clients can still reply to that goes from Exchange to bez and pushes out to the handheld. When the clients reply it still reads its from

I believe this will resolve a lot of issues, and will also reduce in house costs dramatically.

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cvsadminAuthor Commented:
I dont think they have the budget for it. I am actualy unsure why they did not purchase BEZ in the first place. I will ask the questions though.

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