Using two different email addresses within Outlook

Hello All,

I have a Windows XP Pro PC and I'm using Outlook 2000 as my email client.  I have two email addresses:
     - Address 1:
     - Address 2:
(Both addresses are POP3 addresses)
The way things are setup now is if I reply to a message (regardless of which of the two addresses the email was sent to), the address that appears in the "From" box of the message is

What I want to happen is when I am responding to messages that were sent to, the address in the "From" box of my replies is

Is there a way to set this up?

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WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
Not with Outlook 2000.  Outlook 2K3 does this.

The way I got round this was to setup a Message Rulle to put all the incoming emails in to into a sub folder then it reminded me to click the From Address button and set it correctly when replying.

Unfortunately with Outlook 2000 there is no simple way round it.

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Greetings, ndalmolin_13 !

In the Reply message, there is an option to change the Reply To address.

The Reply should show the To address that original message was sent.  Look in the Accounts settings of two accounts. Make sure the Reply address is left blank or same as the account address.

If no joy, create a new Outlook Profile.

Best wishes!

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Thanks, war1
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