connecting two network cables in series


I am trying connect a printer to the network, but the available cable does not reach. I have one of these connectors which are basically two female rj-45 jacks back-to-back which I want to use to add an extension cable.  I've used the regular telephone version of these connectors many times to join two phone cords together without problems, but every time I try to use the rj-45 version, it NEVER works.

What am I doing wrong?  I've tested both cables and they're fine.  Both cables are straight through cables - do I need to change this?  I've searched high and low and not found anything regarding network cables connected in series.

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You need to use a network switch or hub to extend cat5.  The twists in the cat5 wires are crucial to shielding, and by just connecting two wires together, you are defeating this.  Network wires carry much higher bandwidth signals which make them more sensitive to improper connections.
firebird-scAuthor Commented:
Why in the world do they sell these connectors?  I always wondered why they never work.
try testing the cables with it all connected

if you have a RJ-45 crimper  crimp the RJ-45 jacks some more and harder  i found out in the past the crimper didn't fully crimp it unless you sqeeezed it REALLY hard  and i redid BOTH ends on the cable only to find that out.


P.S.  why don't you buy or make a new cable one with the proper length?
firebird-scAuthor Commented:
I was about to make a new cable the proper length. However, that would also involve accessing the switch which is located in our ceiling (don't ask, it pre-dates me), then feeding the new cable through the ceiling for about 15m, then down the wall to a wall jack that I would have to install.  

I went to the local computer shop to get an rj45 wall jack and instead saw these cat5 couplers. I bought one and tried it out. It works just fine! So to summarize, avoid the beige telephone-style couplers and go for the black ones that say cat5 coupler. They cost a little more, but they actually work.
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