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Why don't my theme graphics appear on all pages, be they main web or subsite themes?

I have MS Frontpage 2003 web, it has two subsites, I'm using three different themes: one for the main web, one for each subsite.  Some of the banner graphics appear in each theme, but not on every page.  Same thing with the Nav Bar (vertical) graphics, I"m getting the text but only the little red 'x' for the missing image.

I'm using Blends as the main theme, with vivid, active, no background.

I recalced the hyper links before publishing.  I had a hell of a time Publishing as the 'include subsite' checkbox in the 'Remote Web Site' parameters does not appear to do a thing, so I had to move contents of most folders manually (but through FP interface) for my subsites, as well as for the folders and contents of main site (_overlay, _themes, etc, etc).

I tried moving all files, moving changed pages, and Synchronize.

Some of the errors I got were:
500 Unidentified command IST
500 Unidentified command TOR _derived/about.htm_cmp_blends110_hbtn_p.gif

My main site does not have _fpclass folder, and I could not move this with ftp.

Any ideas?

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If you are using FTP on your Frontpage website, your FPSE might be corrupted somewhat.  

You will need to have the hosting company fix the FPSE.

Also try going to tools - recalculate hyperlinks and re-publishing with Frontpage

andjesdavAuthor Commented:

I have an email in to the hosting company, asking if their extensions could possibly be corrupted.  But after reviewing your comment, you're suggesting that MY FPSE files, under my .com, may be corrupted?  Which files exactly would these be because I've already deleted everything and replaced all folders with the latest files from my computer.  When I hit f12, everything looks good on my end.  I had already run the recalc hyperlinks.

andjesdavAuthor Commented:
Well, I discovered that the FP Publish does not move the hidden files: _vti_cnf, and some others, so I went straight to ws_ftp and moved these files over, and that has made all the difference.  Themes and linkbar are working fine.

I will award the points to whoever can tell my why the _fpclass directory cannot be copied to the remote server or to whoever can tell me how to get these _vti_cnf files moved during the FP Publish so I don't have to FTP each one manually.
andjesdavAuthor Commented:
The Publish moves the vti files, I think I clicked to fast on one of the dialog boxes and clicked the wrong answer when it asked if I wanted to move some files.  Some of these directories WERE copied but the permissions on them did not allow me to see them remotely.

Also, it appears that FP 2003 cannot run the webcomponents on Server 2000, the server my host is using, but I'm going to enter that as another question.  This is probably what's causing the corrupted FPSE.

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