DNS issues, two different computers getting two different responses from DNS server...


we have a couple computer on our network that are not getting the correct response from our DNS and I don't know what the problem is...  We have several 2003 servers, and all XP Pro workstations.

When I do an NSLOOKUP from my machine, I get the following:

N:\>nslookup archivemanager
Server:  ahtna_dc01.ahtnagov-sac.local

Name:    archivemanager.AHTNAGOV-SAC.local

When I do it from the computer with issues, I get...

Server:  ahtna_dc01.ahtnagov-sac.local

*** ahtna_dc01.ahtnagov-sac.local can't find archivemanager:  Server failed.

I can't see any reason why 50 computers would work ok, and one would not...  The computer with the issue seems to resolve all other internet names fine, but when I try to resolve anything from our network, it takes a dump...

the computer is joined to the domain and using a valid username and password...
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Few things to try not sure from the post if you already tried them:

Did you try to remove the computer from the domain and rejoin to the domain?

Did you do ipconfig/all and see what is the DNS entry on it?

Can you ping the problem computer from other computers on the network?

Good luck and please post back with the results...

Have you checked the Connection properties for DNS settings?

Control panel > Network Connections > <your network connection>
click on Properties > Highlight TCP/IP > Properties > Advanced > DNS tab.

Compare this with a working computer and check how DNS suffixes are set.

caw01Author Commented:
Yes, I can ping the device from a working computer.

The DNS entries come from DHCP and are showing the correct servers.  She can resolve www.yahoo.com, but she can't resolve the name of a DC or any other computer on the local network.  

I checked the DNS tab under the IP config on both a good and the bad computer and they are identical.

I did not try unjoining and rejoining the domain, but I will.

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caw01Author Commented:
Ok, and so this is weird...  I can ping the server by name, but I can't do an nslookup on it.

I removed the system from the domain, and tried it while it was disconnected, still can't do a lookup...

BUT...  I just found out, that if I ping the system by its full name I can get an nslookup on it...  so ahtna_dc01 fails, but ahtna_dc01.ahtnagov-sac.local does not...

Why is it not recognizing my short netbios names from DNS?
caw01Author Commented:
Ok, found the problem.. atleast it is working now... She was joined to the domain ahtnagov-sac.local...    When I rejoined her, I just used the netbios name of ahtnagov-sac and it worked fine after that.  Thanks for the help guys!

- Chris
That was a strange one!!!  Glad you fixed it!

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