Disabling PrintScreen key


My question is simple. How do I completely disable PrintScreen key (KeyCode 44 )?
I want Windows to completely ignore that key.
Is it possible to do something like that?

The reason I wan't to do that is becouse I have some buggy, no-name PS2-to-USB converter which sends PrintScreen code every time I press SHIFT + Arrow key.

Is there some way to cancel PrintScreen key before Windows makes Screen shot?
I can accept answers in C#,  Visual Basic .NET or C++ (Visual Studio .NET 2002 or 2003)

P.S. I already tried asking this question in differnet TA and taking different approaches (like trying to disable Windows 'screen shot' function), but I didn't get a sollution.

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Try the steps in this page: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/input/w2kscan-map.mspx

It's not a tutorial per se, but you can use the information in there to remap the printscreen key's scancode to do something else (or map it to something that does nothing).
dbrckoviAuthor Commented:

Both answers are great, but hes provided exact values that should be entered, so I accepted his answer.

BTW. I should mention that solution provided by hes is not working literally as it's described (at least not on my Win XP Pro)
So I had to use regedit to create those keys and values.

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