exchange failing

I have a network that I recently upgraded from a 2000 mixed mode to a 2003 mixed mode (still have one win 2000 DC).  

     Before upgrading, I ran into something somewhere that recommended upgrading exchange first.  However, that was after upgrading the DC's (actually replacing them altoghether).  

     Now the problem is that I have exchange failing all over the place.  The machine tells the user it is trying to connect and never gets there.  in the meantime, the que on exchange fills to the max amount of connections for that user and displays the error "could not communicate with exchange server".

     There are two things that may be possible in causing this.  They are:

     1) Possible that the exchange is freaking out over the new DC's?  If so, do I have to upgrade the exchange now?  Is there any adjustment I can make to help this.

     2)The machine keeps trying to connect to a machine that we had once aimed at making an exchange peer.  I'm not sure how far my coworkers took this, but it is not running exchange.  The problem is other machines think it is.  When I try to kill the record of this machine, it re-propagates throughout AD.  

     Like I said, I don't know what the problem is.  I only know my ass and job are on the line here and I'm already starting to dust off the old resume.  Please help.  Thank you much  -- MW
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Hi mwilkans,

did you run the adprep /forestprep and domain prep tools properly before you upgraded?

wat do the event viewers on the exchange server say?

mwilkansAuthor Commented:
I have run both the preps on the new AD machines.  I encountered no errors when I attempted the promotion to 2000 native.  

Looking through the event viewer, it seems the problem has something to do with this other machine I mentioned (potential exchange peer).  Upon asking, this machine was never actually promoted, but there are ties and references all over the place to it.   When I attempted to get rid of the machine in AD, it propagated itself back into existence.

I'm kinda stumped at this point.  The only thing I've managed to do is get a couple users back to full function outlook by running scanost.exe on them.  The other machines that are failing run through the scan without problems, but can only recieve mail, not send it.  I have them using webmail in the meantime, but that's going to grow old fast.  
hmm never promoted?    is there references to the server in sites and services? In AD itself, is the server listed as a server of a DC

can you run dcdiag for me please
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mwilkansAuthor Commented:
I dont' see anything in sites and services.  The new machine is listed as a server only in AD.

Not sure which machine you want me to run dcdiag on....  I ran it on my DC's and they passed.  
can you remove the machine from the domain and add it back in?
mwilkansAuthor Commented:
I didn't think to do that.  However, my boss is out with a really sick kid and won't be back until monday.  I think I am going to hold off till then and try to remove/re-add from the domain.  Please leave this question open.  I really do appreciate all the help, but I think the wisest move I can make is to sit tight until the big man gets back.  I don't know that he can do anything to help if I cause a catastrophe, but I won't get fired if he tells me to do it.  You will hear from me on Monday at the latest.  Thank you.

mwilkansAuthor Commented:
I just realized something of some importance here.....

I told you that I ran adprep and forestprep on my machines.  And I did.....

But I never ran the damn things on my 2000 exchange server.

That may be the problem.  If it is, can I use these preps now?  is it too late?   Will it make a difference?  If I can use it, should I wait until after business hours?  Am I screwed?

Thank you, by the way, for all your help so far.  It can't be easy dealing with clueless people all day.  You are a saint.
you only need to run forest prep once per forest and domainprep once per domain

doesnt need to run on every DC

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