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I have created this VB.NET project that uses an existing unmanaged C++ DLL.  For some reason when I call a function within this DLL the return code I recieve is an extremely long number.  So while running the project I would Ideallly like to be able to step thru the code.  I have the source to the DLL.  It was created using Visual C++ 6.0.  

Declare Function Build_Structure Lib "store.dll" (ByVal fname As String, ByVal ImageFile As String, ByVal ObjClass As Long) As Long

This is how I declared the function in the dll as well.  Anything wrong with that?
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Bob LearnedCommented:
What type of project is the VB.NET project?  DLL or Windows Application?

corduroy9Author Commented:
Windows Application calling a C++ DLL
You might consider defining the ObjClass as IntPtr or Int32

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corduroy9Author Commented:
The problem was that the variable lengths changed between versions and therefore had to set the variable to a specific length of integer.
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