On a P2P network, a Windows ME machine which was repartitioned is now no longer visible to the network

The Windows ME machine had three partitions on a drive, and these were resized to allocate more space to C. The machine appears to have the same IP address (fixed at, the same computer name and the same workgroup name as before. However, it can no longer see the network, and the network can no longer see it. Before repartitioning it ws working fine, and it still connects ok to the adsl modem and internet via a second network card. The computer itself appears to work as before, so I am now somewhat confused. Any ideas?
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You may have lost your default workgroup try resetting it and try flushing arp on your computers

flush armp by going to start>run>cmd> and type arp -d

since the change, can you ping other machines on your LAN

KOTCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.

JJ70 - the rest of the network is working fine.

The WME machine is an email server. All other machines are XP Pro. The WME machine can ping a couple  of them, and link to shared folders there, but none of them can see the WME machine. The only programs running are Explorer, Systray, Office Mail and Wingate. SSDPSRV also loads at startup.

I have now tried deleting and reinstating TCP-IP; altering the computer name and workgroup and back again; and various messing about to try to see what is happening.

I wpould really be grateful for some help.
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no firewalls or any software like that on the me machine?

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KOTCAuthor Commented:
Well, Wingate is a firewall for the internet connection, but it offers no internal barriers. WME doesn't have a built in one, and I can't see anything else - it's a pretty clean setup. What baffles me is that there was never a problem at all until I repartitioned, and as far as my limited knowledge goes, that should have no effect on this at all.
By the way, the reason we use WME is that there are no limits to the numbers of connections, whereas an XP Pro machine will only permit a max of 10 at a time. So I could just move the email server to an XP machine, but I don't know if that will cause functionality issues for the client machines.
that has me stumped - the fact that it can connect to some machines rules out connectivity issues really ie subnet and IP settings, the fact there is no internal firewall rules out security

i cant see how a partition change should, would or could cause networking issues

i take it if you ping you get a response fromy yourself
KOTCAuthor Commented:
I'll try that when I get back to the office. What will it indicate if I don't get a response?

I'm half tempted to try a clean install of WME and just move on, but I do appreciate you trying to help.
if you dont get a response it means that there is issues with your NIC
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