Windows XP Boot screen keeps spinning

I have a friend that states they have not done anything to the computer and the screen keeps sitting on the windows xp boot screen. I told them to try and load in safe mode and they get the same results, tried even command line run and it takes them back to the same screen... Any Ideas?
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
it could be hardware... or a corrupt OS
i would suggest running hardware diags.
nfmesaAuthor Commented:
Well the crazy thing is he just got the laptop yesterday, brandnew, and yesterday afternoon everything was running perfect. shut it down went to boot it up today and keeps running.

It would suck if it was a hardware issue ALREADY!
If it's new, it's possible it's an activation/registration issue on one of the associated products (norton/windows).
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Norton activation wouldn't prevent the machine from booting and Windows gives 30 days to activate on a fresh install (unless there is something corrupt in the software which is very possible). My guess would be that something was installed on the laptop before it was shutdown and whatever it was didn't play nice with Windows at startup. Maybe an app that runs as a service, if it is stopping before the login screen. Ask your friend if they installed/updated any software or opened any odd emails before they shut it down the last time it was working.

If the laptop is set to bypass the login screen, try holding down the shift key after going through the post. This should stop whatever is in the Windows startup folder. If it boots to the desktop, have your friend clean out the startup menu (Start--->All Programs--->Startup). They can right click and delete each item.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
if he gets the same results in safe mode, then it's not a startup item

i would return the laptop and get a new one.
Well if the laptop is new then why not reinstall Windows XP using the Recovery CDs supplied with the laptop.

...if that fails, then do as zephyr_hex suggested and return it ASAP
If your friend cannot get past the login screen, try booting from an XPCD into recovery console and running chkdsk /r;
Or if you do not have a disk, use a PE disk ( and run chkdsk from the "storage" tab. Let it complete the 5 stages, fix any errors, then try to reboot. If this is a hardware issue, the manufacturer is responsible and your friend should return it.

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nfmesaAuthor Commented:
Thanks he is coming back into town next week I will let you guys know what happens and give the points at that time, thank you for your help...
nfmesaAuthor Commented:
Ok it turned out to be a hd issue, thanks everyone for your help because phototropic actualy was the one that helped me out the most I am going to give him the points thank you everyone!

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