How do I measure web page load speed from my PC?

I am considering upgrading my DSL to a faster download speed (supposedly).  I would like to know if there is a way to measure how fast my web pages are loading with my current DSL connection (perhaps by accessing some web site set up for that measurement purpose?), so that I can then compare how fast pages load with the new connection.

Because the main thing I am interested in is faster page load speeds.

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 Well there are several sites you can test your speed at for example

But keep in mind even if you have a faster connection, if the web sites server can`t keep up it won't load faster (so you`ll notice sites like Google and Microsoft tend to load faster)
 Also keep in mid the difference between kilobits (kb`s) and kilobytes (kB`s), usually for upload/download speeds kilobits are used (basically a kilobit is one eighth of a kilobyte).
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