blackberry 7290 world roaming

i'm using blackberry 7290 in US and going to Mexico and Italy.
do i need to change frequency by myself?
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAsked:
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nope, not in the US and Mexico.  Once you are in Italy, you may need to change networks (its under the Utility icon)

Actually, don't change anything by yourself.....especially don't change networks under the Utility icon.  Don't mess with the handheld at all.

Contact your phone/data service provider....we use TMobile, who have very good International Phone and Data coverage.......and tell them what countries you will be going to and tell them that you need International Data coverage (and phone too, if you are using the handheld as a phone.)   You will pay for the coverage....but that is all you need to do.

Again...this is important....don't fiddle with the handheld.  It is GPRS capable and will work in most of the world.....what won't work, unless you enable International Data Service, is the switching that finds your handheld where ever it is and moves the data to it.
one thing I'll add...sometimes when you arrive in a new country, the BB doesn't find itself a new network properly (assuming you're in a country where there are roaming agreements). In that case, a hard reset of the device will usually do the trick. Take the cover off the back, remove the battery, and then replace. When it comes up, assuming your network settings are configured to 'automatic' then it should locate whatever local carrier it can.

We use Blackberries in NA, plus pretty much every country in Europe and Asia, and also in Israel, with no problems...
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It depends on what network your operator roams to in Mexico. 3 of the operator there are

Nextel Mexico (iDEN)
Telcel Mexico (Triband but with no GPRS)
Telefonica Mexico (Triband inc. GPRS)

Only the 7520 supports Nextel, so forget that. The 7290 will in principle run with Telcel and Telefonica. *IF* your operator will roam with either, leaving your 7290 on automatic network selection may mean you'll, depending on signal strength, wind up on either network.

Then, whilst you happen to be on Telcel, you'll get no mail (only able to make/get calls) as it doesn't support GPRS. When you're on Telefonica all will seem to work well. So you find it odd that email sometimes works and sometinmes doesn't. This is all because selection of the network a GSM device connects to is not made based on if the target network supports GPRS, unfortunately. In this situation you may find things more predictable if you manually scan for available networks when you're there, and 'nail' the device to use Telefonica. If so, remember to set it back when you leave!

If your operator only roams to networks that have GPRS (like Telefonica), leaving the BB set to automatic network selection should be fine.

In Italy, 3 of the operators are TIM, Vodafone and Wind. Those 3 all support GPRS. I don't know which your operator partners with. You'll need to ask your operator.

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I'll add one caveat to the above.
If you are running handheld code older than 3.8 you need to upgrade in order for the device to automatically switch networks for you.
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank you, all:)
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