Exchange Server 2K SMTP messages are delayed when sent to Blackberry domain


We have a Win2K AD domain running a single Exch Server 2K and have recently experienced a problem that only happens for messages sent to a particular domain.  We have several folks who use Blackberrys and we set up a forwarding (contact) so that all emails sent to the persons mailbox are also sent to their Blackberry account.  In chis case, it is

These have been running fine for the past year - 18 months and recently, within the past 2-3 weeks, we have had this problem.

In my testing, I discovered that messages were getting stuck in the SMTP queue and did not go out promptly but in batches with very odd delays.  I've sent emails, from a different domain, directly to the Blackberry email address at the noted domain and they go right through.  It is just when the are forwarded via the Exch server... they are delayed.  I have no other problems with any other domain in sending emails.  all except the ones to the blackberry domain go immediately.

I would appreciate any help on this... the folks at Verizon have indicated it is our problem and with the testing I have done... it appears that way.

Thanks for your assistance!

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This is not unusual. The Blackberry servers are heavily overloaded and just cannot cope. Your mobile phone provider doesn't operate the servers, RIM do.
I have had some success with using an SMTP Connector to route the emails via the ISPs SMTP server. The theory is that there are more email messages going from the ISPs SMTP server to RIM than yours, so it will use an existing connection, rather than trying to create a new one.


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bldeagleAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your insight.  Sorry for the delay as I have been away and just returned to your suggestion.  I believe you are correct.  Can you point me in the right direction to be able to create an SMTP Connector for this situation?

Thanks again!

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