Putting an asp.net panel inside an iframe

is it even possible??

I have two panels:

1. to query the database and to hold the details of an individual record when a record is selected in the datagrid for editing.
2. a datagrid that fills the results of the search.

I'd like to put the results of the querydatagrid in an iframe because thre are over 200 fields in the datagrid and it would be easier to scroll through an iframe than one giant page. .

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aki4uConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can use <div> and set it to OVERFLOW: auto...like this

<DIV id="divID" style="BORDER-TOP: 0px; OVERFLOW: auto; WIDTH: 100%; HEIGHT: 225px">
your panel here

but you can also use paging in datagrid.
Yes it is possible.

I would probably only use 1 panel (for the gridview), i would have the individual record controls and controls for the query sat straight on the page.

I would also now use atlas (www.asp.atlas.net) updatepanel around the panel with the gridview so scroll position is retained.

Hope this helps
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