BackupExec is getting the wrong tape cartridge.

Hello there Experts,

Can anyone please help me with my problem?

I'm using BackupExec 10 and HP ThinStor Autoloader w/ 8 slots. It was configured by a consulting company we hired and was working good ever since it was installed. But a few months ago, I decided to partition the device so it would use slot 1..6 and the other would 7..8. But before I did this the device was configure so that it would use slot 1 for the monday tape and slot 2 for tuesday and so fort and so on. We only backup from Monday to Friday so we only use 5 tapes. slot 6 to 7 is empty and slot is 8 is for cleaning tape. And then when I did the partitioning, it screwed up everything. I can't find any pattern in what's it doing but, it's picking up tape from different slot on the daily backup. Like for example, it took slot 2 (w/c is the tuesday tape) for the monday backup. And then yesterday's backup (w/c is monday) it used slot 4.

Can anyone please help me or guide me on what I should do. Please feel free to ask me if I missed something out in the overview. I'm not that familiar w/ Veritas BackupExec. I tried calling Veritas for help but aparently, we don't have a maitenance/support agreement w/ them. And the consulting company would support this but will charge us a lot since I touched our "own" equipment. They said it's not covered in their support 'coz I shouldn't have touched it in the first place.

I hope everything makes sense here. If it doesn't please feel free to ask me so I can re-phrase it.

Thanks in advance Experts.

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dlonganDirector of ITCommented:

Couple of things to remember

1.  how is your overwrite protection setup (use scratch media first  or recyclable?)
2.  Once you modify the partition, did you re-define the jobs to use the correct partitions?

The following article from veritas explains partitioning:

This article explains overwrite protection:
hi, there

Dlongan is on the track,

Do not forget that when you format/quick erase a tape there is now already written something to the tape.
Backupexec will then take the oldest tape in the pool that is ready for new jobs.

So you will just need to make sure the partitioning is working ok. Ohh by the way I find the Backupexec to be working really well if you either when specifying the jobs under the Advanced open file option check the box with wait making a snapshot. It is the first box that is just below the Advanced open file options.


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BASTi GWAPOIT ProAuthor Commented:
Hi Dlongan,

To answer your question no. 1 - It was set 3 days before when everything was working fine. Then, just last friday, I've set it to 1 day thinking that would fix it.

To answer your question no. 2 - Yep, I did change the partition the job is using. Before it was set to "All Devices" so I changed it to "HP 1 [0001..0006]", w/c is the first partition I have. I did this from the "Job Setup" though, and not by clicking the current scheduled job in the "Job Monitor".

Now, regarding Scratch Media, I don't think I use that or even being use. Can you please tell me how to use and configure it so my backup will use the "Scratch Media". And what does this do in the whole backup process.

Hey Cooledit thanks for the tip.

dlonganDirector of ITCommented:

My question #1 was related to how you have backup exec setup for overwrite protection  - select tools / options / settings / media management /media overwrite options

This determines how BE will search for media in the requested partition to use during a backup operation.

Overwrite scratch media - BE will search for overwritable media in the scratch media, then it will search through all available media sets and the first one it finds that is overwritable it will use.

Overwrite recycleble - is identical to the above it is completely reversed.

Scratch media is newly formatted / labled media that has not been placed into a media set
Recyclable is media that has been assigned to a media set, but is overwritable.

I found this statement on the veritas website:

Note: If the Robotic Library is partitioned, Backup Exec searches for the oldest recyclable media in the targeted partition only. If more than one media meeting the requirements are found, Backup Exec then selects the media in the lowest-numbered slot, i.e. media in slot 2 would be chosen over equivalent media in slot 4

The full article can be found here:

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