Acer travelmate 4500 won't turn on

Hi I have a notebook Acer travelmate 4500 the last few days I was experiencing the following problem the LCD was turning on and off for a short amount of time today the computer would not turn on I unplugged the battery and tried directly with the power cable I notice the system fan come on for a very short time  and then turn off very quickly  but the power button and the power indicator stayed on on the notebook

I have tried the following

replace the hard drive
I reset the memory modules
also prior to the completely shut down. I tested the system board and CPU with my bootable diagnostic hardware utility and it seem to be fine at the time. what can be causing this problem this is the first time I have experienced this problem with my personal laptop unfortunately this laptop is not on the warranty anymore

I appreciate any help or advice thank you
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what i've experienced is the battery is somehow responsible.  If you remove the battery and reinstall it.  Then boot up and run a battery diagnostic (if you have one on disk, or it may be in the bios config) hopefully this will get the system working like normal.
what do you mean with this ?  "I reset the memory modules"
however, i would try disconnecting the disk and or cd, and try to power on (in bios)
check also if all fans are running, and the cpu temperature.
with your bootable diagnostic can you test the disk and cd too?
natcomAuthor Commented:
perhaps I need to make this more clear "I reset the memory modules" meaning that I take the memory modules out of the computer and put them back on I'm not  able to do anything at this point I'm not able to get into the Bios.  I get no POST no video signal the fans  runs temporarily and then stop I apologized for not making this clear
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natcomAuthor Commented:
also I get no No Beeps even if I take both memory modules out
try disconnecting disk and cd, as i suggested
natcomAuthor Commented:
Nobus I have try your suggestion but the problems still remain anymore suggestions  ?
natcomAuthor Commented:
I decided to shake it thinking maybe something was shorting the mobo and to my surprise the laptop is  booting up properly this time
natcomAuthor Commented:
I notice that the CPU fan is not working properly is completely off  the computer is completely shutting down after a very short time I'm assuming the CPU is overheating quite quickly I will replace it and get back to you
so something is loose inside, check if all is connected and seated
Does the laptop work for a while, then turn off.  Then after turning off itself you find have to wait an hour or so until the whole process repeats?  If so then it is overheating and replacing the fan should fix that.

If it is not overheating

You should try powering the laptop with just 1 stick of ram at a time and see how it goes.  

In regards to the lcd screen turning on and off, if the laptop is not resetting or turning off while the monitor is turning on/off then 90% of the time it is the invertor and flex cable.

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natcomAuthor Commented:
where do I find that nvertor and flex cable on my laptop I will definitely replace the fan I just can't find where buy it

natcomAuthor Commented:
I would love to open my laptop and seated everything but I can't seem to find a guide to to help me take apart  my laptop
here a disassembly for Acer laptops, however yours is not included.
much used disassembly :
screws on the bottom side ("k" to loosen keyboard)
latches for holding keyboard      
The invertor and flex cable are usually contained within the front bezel and rear panel of the display.  Their are 4 screws under some screw covers in the corners of the lcd.  undo them and then take the front bezel off.  the invertor should be at the botton.  just a small pcb with connectors at either end, it provides the backlight for lcd screen.  Very common for it to go kaput.  the flex cable is behind the lcd screen and connects to the mb and the invertor.  i have actualy have the manual for the dissasembly of this laptop series.  is their an email i can send it to?
natcomAuthor Commented:
yes you can send it to thanks
Hello Yamumm,

Could you also send me that manual please?

Thank you!
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