Method for post manupulation. Might be tricky

Hi, Nedd help I guess.
I have a teble with emailadresses. All the adresses can be more than once (which is bad). There is also a field for when he/she is supposed to get mail.
So Field Emailadress + field info
1 post =, mondays tusedays
2 post =, mondays wensdays
3 post =, sundays
4 post =, mondays tusedays

Now I would of course need the daynames in one post and then remove the leftovers so I have the emailadress only once. If I could add all the names in all the posts I could easily remove the duplicates by sorting a summarised fileld and update them as firs second third and so on. The pb is to add all the values together I guess.
There is 7000 posts so its is hard to do it manually.

PLS How would you do that the best way?
Regards Per Bäckman
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It's late for me, I'll deal with that too-morrow.
The idea is to:
- detect duplicates
- for each set of dups, loop through records and check word 2 till nb of words -1, if it exist in the previous record using variables to store temp values. if it does not, add the word to the post.
may not be clear now, but I'll tell you more too-morrow if needed
in fact I just did a loop which compares the current content with the previous one, etc...
let me know if some parts of the script are not clear.
to make it look perfect, you could write another script to re-order days within the field

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juts a little note to understand the "post" splitting method: '@' is taken as a word separator by fm, so the email is the 1st 2 words, not 1
perbackmanAuthor Commented:
and I've done the days sorting stuff as well
reload the file to get it.
it a separate script "re-order" but could added to the "clean" one
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