Can I limit the size of a double?

I have an array of doubles, which range is size from 0.6803939303238393921 to 27.4995966002839211038 . I need to limit the numbers to a length of 4, but I cannot limit thier size until I place them in a specific array as they are used in calculations. Any ideas?



Arrays are defined as

dim d () as double
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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Mathematics TeachersCommented:
Do you really want to truncate your digits and lose accuracy?

Why not just display them with four digits using ToString() when you need to present them to the user?
Bob LearnedCommented:
Are you talking about Math.Round(number, 4) to round to 4 decimal digits?


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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Mathematics TeachersCommented:
For example...

        Dim d As Double = 0.68039393032383944
        Dim strD As String = d.ToString("#0.0000")

        Dim d2 As Double = 27.499596600283922
        Dim strD2 As String = d2.ToString("#0.0000")
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