Begineer: Program & Transaction Code

What a relation wich exists between PROGRAMs and TRANSACTIONS CODES?

Every program have a transaction code?

A transaction code is always the name of program?

Thanks in advance.
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iam_tejaskConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are several types of programs:
3.Module Pool
4.Class pool
5.Interface pool
6.Function Group
7.Subroutine pool

All programs except executable programs require transaction codes to run them i.e. to display (or get) the output.
Executable programs can be run in se38(pressing F8).
Thus, it is not necessary that every program has a transaction code.

A transaction code can also be used to run several transactions like sales order,quotation,contracts,etc.

Both programs and transaction codes are not always interdependent(or associated).

Name of the program can be anything.
Transaction code is just used to run the program and not to identify it or describe it,while name of the program should be its description or something that helps to identify the program.
nasriramConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Programs can exist without transaction codes.

Every working transaction code is associated with a program.
jonvaughanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A transaction code provides a way for the user to interact with SAP. Whether that is programs or not.

A transaction code needs to be assigned if the program is to be run directly, or if it is to be put on the menu.

A program can exist without a transaction code, in which case you have to run it from transaction SE38.

A transaction code can also be used to start a program in a different way. For example, SAPMV45A is the program for Sales Orders.
It has 24 transaction codes which activate the program in different ways. Display, Change, Create. But also contracts and Returns.

It is also possable to create transaction codes for objects that are not "programs", such as SAP Queries and variants.
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