Linux X-Server (X-Deep 32) with Unknown XDMCP host error ( it worked for a few times, but stopped working)

I saw the linux machine name: in the local chooser Option dialog. But
when I click select it says:   "Unknown XDMCP host:   Please specifiy another XDMCP Host
                                          name in Option dialog box"

My first question is, who is unknow of who? so I can specify the host information.

In another scenario, I de-seclect using local choose and checked the XDMCP by Query Host and
entered the IP address of the linux host ( to the slot. It worked. The X-Server displayed
the login page and I worked with it for half a day and seemed fine. But it stopped working now. Obviously
, you can see that I am not an expert on X-Servers and XDMCP, and that I might have luckyly set
something that made it work. Experts, please help! I knew it can work. Thanks.

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It may be an address resolution problem. Can you ping
zzhang2006ProfessorAuthor Commented:
The linux machine doesn't have an recognized name in the LAN name server, though it has a local static
IP address. Whatever the name I give to the linux machine in the host table is sent to the X-server through
XDMCP protocal (i believe) but the name is useless for the X-server which really need an resolvable name.

Can one simply use the IP address for Linux machine name?
> Can one simply use the IP address for Linux machine name?
I guess that would work, but it's a hack. An IP address is something different then a system name.

A better solution would be to get the host name resolved. You can do this by adding the hostname and the IP address to you local hosts file for the machine that you are working on, or adding this information to the DNS server on your network. The later would be the ultimate solution for your problem.
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