Inner border for a div?


Is there any tag for creating a 1px inner border for a div? I know we have the normal border itself, anything for an inner border? If not, what's the simplest way to get such an effect?

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Hi minnirok,

I think this might be a little crude but how about a little border div:
<div id="main">
  <div id="border">

The style of the border domain giving a slight padding and the border
  padding: 1px;
  border: 1px solid black;

I don' think that is what you want but its a suggestion.

Joe P
instead of padding it shold probably be margin: 0;
minnirokAuthor Commented:
That could work, I was thinking I'd have to do this since I've never seen an inner border style attribute. I'm trying to change the border color dynamically with javascript, and this works in IE:

    document.getElementById("div_5").style.borderWidth = '2';
    document.getElementById("div_5").style.borderColor = 'red';

No luck in firefox, any ideas?

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That should work, just it should be:
document.getElementById("div_5").style.border-width = '2';
document.getElementById("div_5").style.border-color= 'red';

Here is a good source for all the tags:
Notice that it moves you right to the border CSS attributes on that page, but that should be ALL CSS2 thingies

Joe P

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That border-width should probably have units:
I tryed to fix it before I submitted, apparently not =)
minnirokAuthor Commented:
aweseome thanks as always
No problem =)

Joe P

Note: Although the comment you accepted was good, try to accept the comment that was the answer to the question, [int his case probably the first comment], that way if someone searchs the site in the furute, they will find the same solution.
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