JPEG 2000 - does display depend on browser or applet?


I am interested in developing a java applet to disoplay medical images and for may reasons jpeg 2000 would be a good choice. Does the ability to display jpeg 2000 image rest with the code for displaying it being in the applet itself or dioes the browser always have to have a jpeg2000 plugin for the image to be diplayed correctly?


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Theoretically it should simply be a case of including the jpeg 2000 library (as jar) in the applet's archive tag
Java can display JP2 images itself, but not within the standard JDK API.

However, a reference implementation (JJ2000) is available from which includes complete source code.

Another open source project implemention of Jpeg 2000 can be found at 

I suspect that eventually jpeg 2000 support will be added to the Java API, but I haven't heard when....

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A fly in the ointment, applet-wise could be the library requiring native code. If that's the case, you would be better off using WebStart as it can handle native libraries
Its the applets job, what you need is a decoder that would convert the jpeg2000 encoded image and produce an Image which your applet could then display.
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