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Is there a way to have my server give some kind of alert(email, net send, etc.) when someone connects via VPN?
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Hi thejkro,

not without a very complex script...   what VPN client / server are you using

thejkroAuthor Commented:
I'm using all Windows.  Windows Server 2003 as my VPN and basic Windows XP connection.  Indeed a complex script.  Here's the thing.  I can write the script and make it work.  But I don't want the user to know that they're being told on.  I'm sneaky like that :)
ah i can understand that - you obviously have the skills to do this then (i sure as hell dont! i struggle to spell script...) isnt there a peice of code that allows you to email the direct output - i remember doing somethign with perl but i dont know whether that can be linked in with say an event...... i can only suggest what i think would work, just dont know how to do it !!

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thejkroAuthor Commented:
Good thought........ I will look into that
Create a login script for the users.
Use febooti mail in the script to send an email from the command line.


Are you using AD?  If so you should be able to make a login script run hidden so the user doesn't see them.
Actually, I'd love to see your script.  I've been looking for an easy way to track when users connect over VPN.
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Windows Server 2003

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