folder protection with password

Any way to protect a folder with a password in XP FAT32 ?
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Don't think so, all the ways I have seen a crude - ie just setting the hide attribute on the folder etc.

Good luck.
I have a way to hide the folder from the user ... but not password protect it...

use the code:

MoveFile('your filename', 'your filename' + '.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}')

It is the CLSID of the recycle bin.
Windows, marks as the folder as recycle bin when it gets the extension as the CLSID.
Actually, after converting it to recycling bin, it hides all the files.

To revert it use MoveWindow API again, rename the folder by excluding the CLSID. And that's all...

Hope this helps.
That just makes it look like a Recycle Bin doesn't it? O.o
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Yes ... but it hides the files !
Or you can simple do this :

Create an application with a timer.
Use some tricks to hide it from Task Manager.
Detect when a Folder with the specific name opens and close it.
Popup a window with a message to insert the right password.
If the user insert the right password the open it.
Only problem is with that last method is the user can still
 * Use the command prompt
 * Use a programs Open/Save function to view the folders contents etc

yarekAuthor Commented:
I think the solution looks similar to windows XP compressed folders : You can protect them with a password.
Maybe this should be the solution :
create an .EXE with an icon that looks like a protected folder.
This EXE can modify itself: it can change its  password and also can embed files and folders : the included folders are deleted from the HD and can be restored with the password.

So any clue to ow an exe can change itself (change its password)  and FAST EMBED some files and folders at RUNTIME ?
Yeap, and thats a very good idea/way of thinking about doing it.
I have seen some example code of this and will see if I can pull it up.

There you go, comes with an exmaple as well.
I have seen that code and played with the demo and it works fine so you can use these methods as the building blocks....
Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Use file system components, you can place files and folders inside a file and protect them

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Gwenas example can contain only one file i think.
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