Setting up a wireless network between rooms.

I've recently connected to the internet via ADSL 2+ connection and I now work from home and I have to run a 15m phone line from my spare room to the office. I cant get a phone line installed in the office, so I was hoping you guys can help me out with what products (I hear Linksys are the best) and settings I would need to get a secure wireless network up and running.

I have 3+ pc's in my office and would prefer to have one wireless device in the office with all computers connected to it and a wireless device in the spare room for my internet connection. Also in the spare room I would like to connect my fax / printer as that's where the phone line is.

My current modem is a ZyXEL Prestige 660RU-T1 ADSL 2+ Ethernet/USB Gateway. I would like to keep this if possible, but am willing to replace if necessary.

What I envisage is having the above modem with a wireless device in the spare room. To this wireless device I would also connect a print server to allow all computers in the office to print to it.
In the office there would be a single wireless device which would then be connected to all the office computers. I can have up to 5 computers in the office so fitting a wireless card to each one really isn't an option.

Help me please, as I dont have much hair left  8-))

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Hi Marty_oz,

your ADSL modem will be fine as is. You can connect a Wireless Access point to it no troubles. Linksys are ok for low end stuff, Dlink and Netgear all have a good range also and its basically plug and play

you can connect a wired or wiresless print server into your modem to allow for printer being shared. Each object that gets connected must of course have a wireless card installed  or you can run wires for machines that you dont want wireless....

security is easy to setup and with whatever AP you decide on, it will give you step by step instructions on how to do it

hope this helps   any Q's just ask

as long as those ports are available on the modem and its wireless cabable. If not you need to get a wireless router to be connected to your modem with the proper pppoe settings. it will connect all your devices wirelessly within your home network and connect them all to the internet through it. as for your printers ans jay jay said, external print servers work great. I got to running and they work just fine.
Hi Marty, personally I would buy a wirless router. That is my advice because the router will also help add a layer of security  to your home network , along with serving the function as wirless access point . I like Linksys routers for their quality and stability, plus they are a division of Cisco; so you can generally be satisified with their products. If you are really concered about longer ranges with your wirless devices I would go with other companies such as NetGear, since Linksys is known to have weaker ranges. I'm using the Linksys WRT54G, which is a very popular model that you will see in many households.
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Marty_ozAuthor Commented:
Hello all, thanks for your comments I'm very much a novice in this area of IT.

I'd need to take iworks solution for my spare room because there isn't anyway to connect the modem to a printer.

So in the spare room I have my wireless router, with the ADSL modem and print server connected to it.
With the settings of the wireless router would it simply mimick the settings of the modem and would I need to change settings on the modem?
I'm just thinking of conflicts and also doesn't the modem hold the pppoe information?

Then in the office could I install a wireless access with an 8 port switch, and then connect all the computers to the switch?
if you have a wireless access point, then besides the security side of things its basically plug and play depending on the AP, very simple to setup though and any AP comes with a good instruction book to guide you step by step plus we are all here....

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Sounds like you are wanting to do this:

You will need a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router
Plug the ethernet cable from your ADSL Modem into the WAN port on the Wireless Router
Run a Patch Cable from Port 1 on the Router to a Switch in the other room to connect the computers that you want there.
Run another patch cable from your router to the wireless print server.
You may have to change the settings in your modem to make it in bridged mode so that you set your username/pass in the Router's PPPoE section

Hope this helps.
Hi Marty,

Since you've alreayd have a Zyxel P660RU-T1 modem, I would suggest you to install another Zyxel Prestige 335WT which is a 4-port router/wireless & Printer Server. That's all you need.
Have a great day!
thanks for the points - if you get stuck just yell!
Marty_ozAuthor Commented:
Cheers thanks Jay_Jay. You may just regret that 8-)).
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