What causes message ttyR : 1 input overrun(s)

I have several RocketPort connectors on my Linux server, running Red Hat 7.1. This message keeps coming up on the master console. I have tried unplugging the connector on ttyR1, and removed it from the inittab and the message still keeps coming up. I contacted Comtrol and they said it wasn't one of their error messages.
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This is normally a configuration error. Due to the 'robust' quality of the Rocket Port setup, if you set to receive at 192, and the device is transmitting at 9600, you *may* get some charachters receives, however, the chars will not be received smoothly, and will be totally unrelated to what is transmitted. In addition, there can be issues relating to synchronisation of the transmitting and receiving port. Therefore check the configuration of all ports concerned.

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Mid-Atlantic-DataAuthor Commented:
More than likely this is what is happening. The dumb terminals I have attached are running at 9600 baud, /etc/inittab has them defined at 9600 baud. However, I have tried to understand setserial manual pages and cannot figure out what command to issue to see what the rocket port is configured at.
Could you help me out please.
setserial -a /dev/ttyS0

should enable you to see what the settings are for the appropriate device.

Mid-Atlantic-DataAuthor Commented:
I type in
setserial -a /dev/ttyR1
it gives message
cannot get serial info: Invalid argument
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