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I am using windows 2000 with multiple users using the same login. These users have their private folders which they want to put in password protection to restrict ohter users accessing their files. Is there anhy option in windows 2000 professional to put a security password for a particular folder.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
There is no facility to password protect a folder because things are secure if you log on using an appropriate user name and don't share usernames.

You may be able to find third party programs to do this or use a ZIP file with a password on it.
I aggree with leew.
One user - one login, multiple users - multiple logins. Then you may use embedded Windows 2000 protection. It's a right way.
Else you _should_ use third party software. I recommend 'Folder Guard Professional'
it costs from $40 to $60.
Like mentioned above create User Accounts for each person that is supposed to have private folders,applications or documents.

Some applications like Microsoft office... can be used to password their files check this link for more info

For third partyu softwares that can be used to password folders u can try the following some have trial versions for u to evaluate the softwares before buying

sherif60Author Commented:
Hi friends
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As I am the only person the work load is too high and sometimes i gel very less time to look for the feedback. My request is not to close this question and I will come back with this issue.
And you will always have the same answers, my friend.
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